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Despite my passion for health and wellness, it all goes out the door when I see impressive-looking sweets. It’s like I become a 5-year-old again. So when I stumbled upon Robin’s Candy on a recent trip to Massachusetts, my eyes lit up. And since the store shared my name, I figured it would be just plain mean not to check it out. And so this is how candy became a marketing home run.

Robin’s Candy is not your average confection shop. There are displays filled with homemade chocolate concoctions that sound so odd you just HAVE to buy one…or two (I chose the dark chocolate, bacon, and potato chips one.) There’s also imported UK candy, countless jars of sweets by the pound, 60+ types of licorice that’s flown in from around the world, candy that you probably haven’t seen since the 80s…the list goes on.

But perhaps more impressive than the candy is Robin herself. She’s got a smile that’s infectious, an obvious passion for what she does, plus she’s one savvy marketer. Here’s why.

Embraces reality….Robin’s Candy acknowledges that its products aren’t healthy, but demonstrates an interest in the well-being of customers and a commitment to being memorable. How? By including a toothbrush with every purchase.

Engages shoppers…some of the chocolate creations have such unusual names that you just can’t help but wonder what the heck is in them. Don’t worry if you’ve got to wait your turn to inquire, because there are hashtags for almost everything in the display case. And they’re so interesting that not taking out your phone to search them is impossible.

Tugs at heartstrings…chances are, you’ll find something from your childhood. It’s like an instant connection that will make you feel like a kid all over again. I dare you to flag it with Robin. You’ll see her face light up with so much excitement that you’ll swear she stocked something just for you.

Demonstrates humility… her business card (perfectly branded with gummy bears, by the way) lists all of her responsibilities, right down to HR. It doesn’t just say, president or owner. That’s one humble lady.

And just in case all of that wasn’t enough to knock my socks off, the icing on the cake (pun intended) happened when she heard my name is Robyn too. I got free candy. She gives it to anyone who shares her name.

Sell wisely.

Robyn Lanci


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