A Heart-Stealing Boston Hotel

Anyone who’s traveled with me knows how I tend to scrutinize a hotel. I’ll politely call it a side effect of working in the travel industry for almost 15 years. I notice things that other guests probably don’t…I pay attention to the smallest of details. And it is those small details that won my heart over on a recent trip to Boston with my husband.

We decided on a whim to take advantage of a three-day holiday weekend and for the first time, would be traveling with our dog – a five pound maltipoo who is a total brat. Automatically that limited our options, but we went ahead and booked Boston’s Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge.

I had never stayed at a Kimpton property but was curious thanks mainly to a goldfish amenity I had read about years ago (kudos to their PR team!) Plus, the price was right and they offered a great pet program for Chloe – a win-win all around.

It wasn’t the nice room that got me, how the hotel stayed true to its branding with funky bathrobes or even the complimentary amenities for Chloe. It wasn’t even the genuine interest the staff took in my dog – although impressive – it was this:

Marlowe - Update

Now let me be clear. It wasn’t about the amenity (a bottle of wine and a bottle of spring water). It was about the note. A handwritten note to be precise – and one that addressed me by name, versus the typical ‘Dear Guest’ neatly typed out with the GM’s signature at the bottom. I wasn’t a regular customer, or someone who booked an expensive suite. On the contrary, I was in the most basic room category and paid a discounted rate. I was not a VIP by any means, but the hotel made me feel like one.

I have no idea who Besart is. I’m guessing he isn’t the general manager though…or any senior-level team member on property. You know what? It doesn’t matter. Because that meticulous attention to detail won over my loyalty. And while the hotel’s acquisition cost for that was nominal, the outcome was priceless.

Think wisely.