‘WHOO’ Am I?

So who am I??? Well…I can tell you in two different ways. I can say:

I helped the general manager of the Affinia 50 Hotel select a wizard costume to appear in at midnight as he distributed the latest Harry Potter book to guests. I managed an interactive social media panel discussion at a global conference attended by hundreds of people. I organized a televised pillow fight between The Benjamin’s sleep concierge and a news reporter. I swam in Britain’s only natural hot springs with a group of journalists and stayed in a 16th century castle. I gave makeovers to countless refrigerators across the New York City-metro area.

Or I can say….

I’ve been in the PR and marketing industry for nearly 15 years, working with many of the finest travel, hospitality and wellness companies. I’ve increased brand awareness to get more customers in the door by generating press coverage in news outlets such as USA Today, Travel + Leisure, Newsweek, NBC, Forbes.com and others. I’ve created social media campaigns resulting in week-over-week engagement increases of more than 90 percent and developed new strategies to increase customer databases. I improve email open rates and click-throughs. I love what I do, and it shows in all of my work.

So which one is better? Well…it depends on your audience and end goal. That’s why it’s so important to think strategically when crafting your message points. As for me…that first explanation of my professional background probably (hopefully!) grabbed your attention quickly and intrigued you, but it didn’t convey what I can do for your business. That’s why it was followed up by a formal bio. But the point is, both had – and served – a very distinct purpose.

Think wisely.