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We love what we do, and it shows!
This is some of the ♥ we’ve received in return.

“I retained Owl PR to handle the content marketing for a large portion of my client-facing collateral, and the results have been remarkable. Robyn captures my vision exceptionally well, and is an expert in ensuring the tone and messaging matches my company’s brand. Her attention to detail, customer service, creativity, and quality of work is consistently stellar.”

– Elena Tedeschi, Founder & Executive Chef, Well Rooted Kitchen

““Robyn adds a personal touch to public relations and all she does, which is her amazing, stand-out quality. She does not adhere to a one-size-fits-all approach when strategizing, and taking action to draw attention to, and build your business. She delved so deeply into my world in order to make the best and most appropriate connections. Her ideas are creative and focused, and she is not afraid to travel various paths to ensure success.”

– Gail Janicola, Founder, Moms On Top

“I’ve worked with countless public relations professionals over my many years as a journalist, and I’ve found Robyn to be one of the finest. She knows exactly how to work with a writer; providing precise information quickly without bells and whistles. And she thoroughly knows her clients. Robyn also possesses another vital trait; kindness, something rather rare in the business world.”

– Janice Wald Henderson, Freelance Writer

“What sets Robyn apart isn’t just her high quality content and creativity, but the time and effort she takes to really understand our business model and the needs of our clients. She is reliable, always meets deadlines, and consistently demonstrates strong knowledge of the wellness industry. It’s been a pleasure working with her over the last few years.”

– Barbara Molnar, Director, WOD Media

“Robyn is quick, smart, and ever-knowledgeable.”

– Barbara Noe Kennedy, Freelance Writer, National Geographic Traveler

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